Services and Pricing

How do we help photographers?

Image Selection $0.08/image

Let us make the tough decisions and cull your images for you. We will review your job multiple times to gain a full perspective of your work and the story being told. You specify how many images to keep; we keep the best and say goodbye to the rest.

Color Correction $0.29/image

We go beyond what most companies include in color correction. Correction includes color, exposure, contrast, tonal curving, and more. As a bonus we offer image straightening at no additional charge. We will also apply noise reduction, sharpening and one of your presets.

Retouching work $1.00/per minute

FREE QUOTE on all orders. We offer background removal/extension, head swaps, beauty retouching, composites, and much much more. We can also create epic, one of a kind, artistic creations.

So how does it work?

Email us to set up and account and submit your first order
Once your order has been submitted you will receive an online invoice
Delivery of images
Once your order is paid we will get to work and deliver them back asap!