No image is the same, so we don’t believe in flat rates. Your art deserves individual time with our editors. To get a quote on an image is simple; you send us the image and a brief description of what work you need done to the image. We will then supply you with a quote and a turnaround time. If you agree to the quote let us know and we send and invoice and get started on your photo. If you don’t want to move forward all you have to do is give us a simple “no thanks” and your order will not be done and no charge will apply.

Category: FAQ

Yes, we do offer a free trial on color correction services! Please email us to set up a free account. Once you are setup we will send you instructions on how to send in your free sample images. We will color correct 10 images for you free of charge. This allows you to see what we can do, and it helps us get to know your editing style. We will ask for sample of your work and use that to match your style. If the sample edits are not a perfect match….we will reedit them until we get it right! This sets you up with a great start to having us edit full session for you, where we will match your style from the first job!


Great Question! We pride ourselves in giving our clients a high end, personalized experience. We know that a flat fee doesn’t always mean you a great end product, nor does it give our editors the flexibility to do their best work. Other companies offer a flat fee, our customers have seen the difference in quality. Plus many of our customers save money using our per minute business model, specifically on multiple image edits. For example, you have 8 images that require a car to be removed from the background. Other companies charge $10 to remove background objects. This job will cost you $80 with the other retouch company. My editors knows they can remove the car in 6 minutes (we pride ourselves on being fast). Thus if you order through us you will only be charged $60. No image is the same, no clients is either. We want to give you a beautiful edit at a great cost…but not at the cost of poor quality.

There is a $10 minimum on all culling and color correction services. . You can use a combinations of these 2 services to reach the $10 minimum. For retouch work there is a $7 minimum order.

Once you submit an order you will be mailed an invoice. For retouching work you will be given a free quote. Once you accept the quote and invoice will be emailed to you. Payment is required before edited images are returned.

Yes! Rushed services are offered on a per job basis. Please call or email us to see how we can help you out quickly! Rush services may not be available during our busy season. All retouch work is charged 2X Regular Rate $20 minimum order.

Color Correction

We pride ourselves on delivering when we say we will. That means your orders are processed fast, but we do not skimp on quality. Giving you a quality product is more important that promising to get it back in 48 hours. Color correction orders are returned in 5-7 business days. If an order is submitted after 2 pm central time it will be considered as being submitted the next business day. (all images will need to uploaded before an image is consider submitted)

Retouch and Artistic Edits

Our editors are highly skilled which means we can turn around high quality work in a very short time frame. Most retouch orders are returned with in 48 hours. Larger orders take 3-5 business days. Artistic edits are dependent on how much work we do. All retouch orders are given a quote for not only cost but time. We will always tell you how fast you will get your images back.

For Color Correction and Culling:

Raw, JPG, DNGS and Lightroom Smart Preview Catalogs (for LR 5 and LR CC). LR Smart preview catalogs are the preferred way to send us larger sessions and weddings. IT saves you time in the upload and download process, and it easily allows you to tweak your images further after you re import them. If you are unable to send the smart previews raws are best. If you are not shooting in raw ask us the benefits and we will gladly discuss this with you. You can get the best color out of a raw file!


For Retouch work and Artistic Edits

Raw, JPG, DNG, TIFF. For most retouch jobs we suggest doing your basic edits on the image prior to sending the image to us.

All color correction services need to be submitted through our ftp service. Once you email us to get set up we will provide you with personal ftp login information. If you are unfamiliar with what an ftp is we will gladly walk you through the benefits and how to use one! FTP, or File Transfer Protocol, is a fast and efficient way to transfer multiple files or catalogs.

For retouch work we currently accept images via Email, Dropbox or FTP. Our online uploader will be ready for your use soon!

Send us an email and we will get you set up with an account! We will give you all the details you need in the email to start using our services!