Why do you charge per minute for retouch work?

Great Question! We pride ourselves in giving our clients a high end, personalized experience. We know that a flat fee doesn’t always mean you a great end product, nor does it give our editors the flexibility to do their best work. Other companies offer a flat fee, our customers have seen the difference in quality. Plus many of our customers save money using our per minute business model, specifically on multiple image edits. For example, you have 8 images that require a car to be removed from the background. Other companies charge $10 to remove background objects. This job will cost you $80 with the other retouch company. My editors knows they can remove the car in 6 minutes (we pride ourselves on being fast). Thus if you order through us you will only be charged $60. No image is the same, no clients is either. We want to give you a beautiful edit at a great cost…but not at the cost of poor quality.

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